What the Republican party is really like

Last week it emerged that Texan evangelical preacher John Hagee once told his flock that the Holocaust was God’s way of getting the Jews back into Israel. John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, responded by saying, “you know what John? I’d rather you hadn’t backed me for President. Have your endorsement back.” Which is fair enough.

The thing is,¬†this Hagee character said back in April that Hurricane Katrina happened because of a gay parade in New Orleans, which was “offensive to God”. McCain was apparently okay with this. Not surprising for the cynics among you, but still: bloody hell.

Fun fact: Hagee has also referred to the Catholic Church as “the Great Whore”.


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2 Responses to “What the Republican party is really like”

  1. Ben K Says:

    yeah, well because McCain didnt sit in this guys church for 20 years you are on the losing end of this battle

  2. danwilsoncraw Says:

    Hey – Jeremiah Wright is a prince.

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